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My friend Miles

The fabulous journey of a zero with a thousand faces

Current state:

In postproduction

Written and directed by:

Pieter Solta


Son Doan


Diego Wunsch

Produced by:

Pieter Solta

Associate producers:

Anne Doelman, Colin McKeown



Marie-Hélène Dozo

Mattias Decraene


Miles O’Shea
Molnar Levente
Sophie Decleir
Katrin Lohmann
Jan Bijvoet

With the support of:

Flanders Tax Shelter

In Berlin, in an era where everyone around him fights for the right to be themselves, Miles celebrates the right to be no self. When his friend Solta arrives, determined to capture that no-self on film, a playful hide & seek as well as a potentially dangerous journey unfolds.

If someone is always now,
and now is always already gone,
then where is he?

"There goes my handyman. Got a problem? Call Miles, and the difference between a problem and a solution will dissolve."

"That's where he is, that's where he will be hiding: in the light of a marble. And you'll say scandalous, ridiculous, but that's his liberation front, the paramilitary of light in a marble.

"Our oblivion of the land that not yet is, is unbearable. For him, and for us."

"And will you now always be a dog? Or just for the occasion?"

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